Friday, June 27, 2008

Garbage Enzyme

Everybody is capable to do this enzyme, please try your best to do it.
Prevent global warming! Reduce green house gaseous!!

Brown sugar - 1kg
Kitchen waste - 3kg
Water - 10 litres

Kitchen waste - Fruit Skin, left over food such as rice, vegie, ...etc

Put in the Water and Brown Sugar then Stir well. Lastly, put in the Kitchen waste. Ferment it for 3 month. Covered it loose. So that the gas will eventually seep out by itself.

The residue can also be dried, then blended and buried in the ground as a fertilizer.

Garbage enzyme has many uses for the environment, agriculture and even in homes.

In agriculture, garbage enzyme is used:
- to reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers
- to keep the farm free from insects and infections
- as a soil fertilizer for vegetable growing
- as a natural pesticide and herbicide
- to convert sandy land to fertile farm land
- keep the air cool and clean in the farm atmosphere
- clean the dirty and impure water in the farm

In homes, garbage enzyme is used:
- as a household cleaning liquid
- to remove foul odours, molds and grime in the kitchen and toilet
- as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent
- to drive away insects
- to clean carpets and remove ticks
- for laundry washing and ironing
- for mopping floors
- for cleaning cars

Save the world!!!! Make garbage enzyme!!^^v


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